Hi! I’m Travia

A speaker, coach, trainer & mentor dedicated to helping you communicate with confidence with others one-on-one, in groups and in front of an audience.

I have my roots in St. Louis and Jersey, and now reside in California with my wonderful husband.

I’m proud to have a business – The Speaking Shift Institute where I can help others speak with confidence, ease and impact.


Why I do the work I do

I’m often asked, “How did I start doing all this?”

If you asked me what I wanted to do with my career or life before the age of 16, I would have said I wanted to be ‘a successful athlete or fashion designer’. As you can see by my big hoop earrings, I enjoyed being stylish as I ran.

However, after a series of athletic injuries, I realized that path of athletics would not come to fruition.
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When I was 16, I remember sitting in a speaker series seminar on entrepreneurship and heard a voice say that one day, I’d be up there speaking to groups of people. This got me both excited and nervous because if there was anything I feared… it was speaking in front of others due to communication difficulties as a result of being born with neurological hearing loss. This caused me to be shy and insecure around others for most of my school years.

I still left that seminar pumped up and started my first business, which was a jewelry company. After 12 months of successful sales and adventures, people started asking me for tips around finding a meaningful career and reaching their goals. This led me to becoming a certified life coach – providing guidance through coaching and workshops to professionals & college students on career and personal development. I found delivering workshops and empowering others was a passion of mine, but was not sure how to turn that passion into a reality.

Rediscovering my Purpose

When I moved west to California to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I was also a career coach and led workshops for graduate students. During my last semester, I realized I did not feel aligned with working on the same path as many of my colleagues. I felt stuck because I wanted something I knew would be personally fulfilling.

After a few personal requests from students to help them ‘connect better with others in various speaking situations’, I decided to dive deep into studying what made someone a great speaker who could connect with others one on one, in groups and with an audience.
I worked on my confidence, read dozens of books, attended every training session I could afford, learned from the best – to name a few, Marie Forleo, Eric Thomas and John Maxwell- before I started teaching public speaking.

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After intense studying, I realized because of my hearing loss (what I thought was a disadvantage in the first half of my life), became the number one thing in my life I appreciated. Without wearing hearing aids, I often missed out on what people said verbally – causing me to fill in the gaps by asking questions, getting curious, reading body language and reading lips. This allowed me to empathize with others who felt ‘different’ or insecure around others.

This brings me to you

My passion involves inspiring others to reach their goals and communication is a huge part of that. I want you to have the tools to connect well with others one-on-one, in groups and/or with larger audiences – This birthed my Conscious and Confident Communication model.

Whether you have a fear of public speaking or are looking to take your skills to the next level, my company is here to help you become a stronger influencer so you can have more meaning in your business or career.

I currently work with individuals in a variety of ways and encourage you to follow my blog, where you’ll recieve tips on becoming a more conscious and confident communicator.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m excited for you and your speaking journey ahead.

– Travia