When crafting your resume, it’s not just the content that matters, context matters too.

What is a Contextual Accomplishment?

Context: The situation and circumstances of which you had to perform your job duties.

Accomplishment: The result/achievement of a goal you successfully completed in your job. 

Contextual Accomplishment: The circumstance before you achieved your goal on the job and results that you got for your organization.

Below are two examples that illustrate the power of a contextual accomplishment on your resume. 


CONTENT based example (before)

Increased departmental sales by 15%.


CONTEXT based example (after)

Stopped a two year trend of decline in revenues and increased sales by 15% in 11 months.


Giving a snapshot of the context of your situation makes your resume stand out. It also gives the reader a deeper appreciation of your accomplishment.


Try going through your resume and highlighting all areas you can add a contextual accomplishment.  If you need support and would like to invest in coaching, don’t hesitate to reach out!