“I’m not feeling this job anymore”

“It’s time to make a change”

“I’m getting older and I’m not making process with my career”  

These are common thoughts that indicate it’s time for something different in your life.

Whether you’ve known for years that you wanted to move on or you’ve known for one week, it’s critical to ask yourself a very simple question:

What do I really want out of my career and why?

If you don’t ask yourself this question, you might change jobs and walk into an equally bad or worse situation. You may find yourself enjoying the role for only a few weeks or few months, then that little voice inside your head tells you that you’re not a cultural fit, you made a mistake, or you sold yourself short.

If you do ask yourself this question, it will help you determine:

  • What actions you need to take next
  • How you want to show up on a daily basis
  • How you want to feel about your career and your life
  • What kind of role and field is a good fit for you

Next time you hear those voices inside your head, you can reflect on this question.

There is a season for everything. It might be time for you to stay put and be patient. It might be time for you to take a leap of faith onto something new.

Whatever your season, this question is sure to guide you on your way.