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Do you want to become a stronger entrepreneur or leader, but Struggle with the following?

You’re Anxious at the thought of giving presentations in front of an audience, clients or colleagues?

You’re Stressed about making positive impressions and communicating with confidence.

You’re Frustrated that you’re not getting feedback to help you grow?

If you’re Ready to know what it takes to make your next presentation memorable and deliver your next talk with confidence – our programs could be a great fit for you!

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“What I enjoyed most about coaching with Travia was her ability to make public speaking easy to master. I went to Travia because I had a big speaking engagement that was only six weeks away and I was extremely anxious. But just after the first session I felt calmer and less overwhelmed because Travia had mapped out a step by step process of how we were going prepare and ultimately nail my presentation. At every session we tweaked and re-tweaked my speech, practiced it multiple times and spent time building my confidence as a speaker. Along the way, I actually had fun and started looking forward to our sessions!

Having had the privilege of seen her speak many times, Travia is a master public speaker and presenter. But she’s also an incredibly gifted and intuitive teacher. Her individualized and “above and beyond” approach made me feel like she was as vested in my success. Travia was compassionate, patient, and a delight to work with, and I recommend her unequivocally to anyone preparing for an important speech, or seeking connection and effective expression in their everyday communication.”

-Tigisti Weldab

Founder & Chief Strategist, Bella Diva Lifestyle

“After speaking upfront for many years, I thought I might not need further development as a speaker. Was I wrong! As Travia & I dug deep, we discovered that I had insecurities that were hindering my true self from coming out. Accepting who I am at the end of the day was key to me moving forward in my public speaking. Travia guided me through uncovering my blocks and helping me pinpoint my ultimate desires for where I wanted to go as a speaker.”

– Maurine Bekaert

Oakland Site Leader, Servant Partners

“Travia is more than a speaking coach. She is a leader who is passionate about transforming the public presence and voice of others. She has helped me with both the technical aspects of public speaking as well as the mindset shift needed to remove the internal doubts and barriers that stand in the way. I highly recommend her.”

-Bilen Mesfin Packwood

Founder and Principal, Change Consulting

Private Coaching

Public Speaking Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard!

Your Professional Goals + My Coaching = Positive Results 

You are a professional, entrepreneur or individual who is struggling with public speaking.

You have greatness inside you, however, fears around public speaking are holding you back from reaching your goals.

You have a deep hunger and desire grow as a leader.

You are embarrassed because you’re not speaking clearly when under pressure in meetings or presentations.

You want to unlock the value in your voice to deliver a speech you can feel proud of.

You want to accelerate your career or business.

You have a strong desire to share your story or your companies stories to impact others in a positive way.

You are up for having some fun.

You are committed to your personal and professional growth.

You are open to feedback and suggestions to help you grow as a leader and speaker.

You are able and willing to invest in an asset that can help you for the rest of your life.

*After working with me you will*

Leave our sessions with a strategy and actionable items to reach your goals.

Have a road map for what it takes to be an excellent public speaker.

Have a repeatable system you can go back to anytime.

Be PUMPED about public speaking 🙂

*How it works*

I will provide customized coaching sessions that are tailored just for you.

Private sessions with me are in person or Skype (if virtual).

Please complete an online form with your contact information and interest or an application here.

Once you do this, I will send you the next steps, which will include options and details about working together.  I only work with a limited number of clients per month so that I can provide the best service and attention to each individual.

Together, we will evaluate where you currently are and where you want to be as it relates to public speaking.

*Areas we may explore during our sessions include (but not limited to)* 

Exploration of what’s blocking you from being the speaker you want to be.

Reviewing and giving you feedback on your speeches.

Prepping for an upcoming interview, presentation or meeting.

Techniques for reducing anxiety and stress around speaking.

Expanding your current presence and perception as a communicator.

  • NOTE:  If you’re not quite ready for private coaching, email me ( and I’ll let you know some other resources that might be for you.


Come to one of our monthly workshops or bring us to your club, association, or organization to train your team!

Verbal Communication is consistently ranked as a top importance for candidates to possess at all stages of an organization.

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