Has there ever been a time in your career when you messed up? You “knew” what you were supposed to do, had the tools and resources to succeed, yet you still missed the mark? 

Well, that is how I felt over the weekend.  

I had a speaking engagement and to be honest, it was not my best. I shared a great story, but what the audience witnessed while hearing it could have been better…  

I focused too much on the words I wanted to share and not on two other important aspects, which I will share with you today.  

These “W’s” can help you in a job interview, panel, speech, conference or meeting. Think of them as 3 Tips to always have in your back pocket.  

The “W’s”:  Words, Way, Witness 

Words:  the specific words, stories and message you choose to share with your audience. 

Way:  the way you deliver those words. This includes body language, voice modulation, pace, pitch, tone, audience engagement and visuals. 

Witness:   what the audience witnessed from their point of view – how they experienced your material, what they saw from you and how they felt along the way. 

The mistake I made was being so caught up on the “words” and wanting to sound clever. I shared great stories, but could’ve improved my keynote by involving the audience more. This would have allowed them to witness a more transformational experience. 

As John Maxwell says, “Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.” Life is all about what we learn along the journey.

Never stop reflecting and asking questions.