TJ wanted a new job away from Electrical Engineering and was applying to programming jobs. There was an abundance of programming jobs, but he wasn’t getting them.

That’s when TJ came to me for help. After having just one conversation with TJ, it was clear that he didn’t get excited when he thought about programming. When he spoke about program, his body was contracting, his posture slouched and his overall energy shifted. When we dug deeper, he realized it was something he thought he should be doing to please other people and make lots of money. He had voices in his head telling him if he did this he’d be successful. The truth was, TJ didn’t want to sit down at a desk all day and write code. He wanted to spend most of his days outside, working with his hands and working on beautiful outdoor projects.

After TJ got crystal clear on what he wanted out of his career and why, his life changed. He applied to work with an amazing landscape architecture and design company. He was called in for an interview and was offered a job two days later. His personality and passion stood out to the interviewers. His new job not only paid well and had full benefits, but it also fueled him with energy he never experienced before in his career. He now wakes up every day excited to go to work, contributes fresh ideas in meetings and feels at peace because he no longer has to listen to the little voices inside his head telling him to do something he wasn’t fully aligned with.

Whether you’re interested in working with a Fortune 500 company or you’re interested in building beautiful communities outside like TJ – you’ll feel amazing once you get clear on what career success looks like for you personally.

Develop your own definition of success and you can ask yourself the following questions:


What do I truly care about?

What brings me joy?

Do I want to travel more/less?

Do I want to be a team leader?

Do I want to use my creativity or use my hands?

Do I want to crunch numbers or design graphics?

What kind of environment do I really want to work in?

Do I see myself moving up in this field?

Do I want to be my boss or my bosses boss?


Once you’ve answered these questions, your energy & focus will be directed on what you truly want.

When you know exactly what you want and why – it’s so much easier to get there.